Sunday, November 29, 2009

Random ramblings....

The past few weeks I have had someone on my mind quite a bit. Little things here and there would remind me of my ex, a certain smell, a tv program, etc. I started to have very vivid dreams about him. Usually when I dream about someone, something transpires from it. I.e. I dreamt that someone dies, and they did I dreamt someone was in trouble, and they had been in trouble etc. Well I finally decided that since I had continued to dream about him and think about him, I would send him an email to check if he was doing ok. BUT I told myself I was going to wait 24 hours before doing so. Well on Tuesday night I have a dream that him and I are dating and I have to go to the dentist for dental work (weird I know, I hate the dentist) well I was there for a few hours at the dentist and he left me there to go to the bar.... (Pretty typical in true life)

So I woke up thinking hmmm this is getting weird. Well through the grapevine I find out that the day before he had his wisdom teeth removed... Ok weird... Maybe not to you but to me after my dentist dream etc. Keep in mind I was still giving myself 24 hours before doing anything.

On my way to Globe I always do tons of thinking, soul searching, praying etc. It's hard not to do when your driving through such a beautiful place, it's so serene. So I keep praying and waiting for an answer or a sign of what to do.

On my way home, I turn on the radio and the radio program I was listening to, they had the EXACT same scenario of why I left him. The girl caught him doing something.

So there you go, there is my answer..... Every once in awhile we forget the bad things that happen to us, and in this case I had.... I forgot what it felt like to catch him in a web of deceitful lies... Listening to the girl talk on the show reminded me why I left.. And also reminded me why I wasn't sending him an email to say hello..

Boy am I glad I abided by my 24 hour rule!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

This is great!! Please do this!!

Please click on the above link, a card will be sent to someone in the military! It's free, so please click on it and click often!!

Thank you!!

How stunning are these ladies?

This is my mom and my sister Danielle! They were at the annual Bids for Kids fundraising auction for the Boys & Girls Club! They both look

I'm half tempted to tell you all how old my mom is because I bet you wouldn't believe it at all!!! But I don't want her to get mad that I told the world LOL ...

I love you both very much~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend recap

building going down 024_thumb[2] The grand opening of the Chandler Boys and Girls club is tomorrow! It is a beautiful LEED Certified facility, if your not familiar with that you can get more information by clicking here, so essentially it’s a “GREEN BUILDING” . We spent some  time on Saturday in the building and it was a lot of fun, I can’t wait to go spend some time there when it is up and running with the kids! We then went and met my parents for  dinner at a restaurant in Chandler called, El Zocalo Mexican restaurant. It was very good, I have the soup, and it was delicious, as well as their margaritas were divine!!!

Today I had some errands to run to get the final touches that my sis needed for her grand opening tomorrow, then I was off to do a little shopping.

Kudo’s  to who ever designed the color coded storage spacesavers_2077_569642totes! I started  buying them around Easter, so we packed up all our Easter stuff in  light pink, well I went today and bought orange ones for our Halloween stuff. Next year it will be so much easier to get to the bins we need!

TP_MaryJane_Bunny Whenever I have a little extra cash and I’m at a store that has baby clothes, I always stop to see what clearance preemie items they have. I try to buy a few outfits or blankets for the RTS patients at work. The preemie sizes are usually great for our 32+ week losses. Walmart sometimes has outfits for as little as $1.00 up to $5.00. SO I purchased a boy and girl outfit today, well at the checkout the lady was oooing and ahhhhing at my tiny baby clothes, and wanted to know how old my babies were. I was at a loss for words, because I made the mistake before of telling someone what they were for, and ended up spending 30 minutes listening to a  mom tell me about her loss. Which was fine, but I was in a hurry that day. Anyhow, so if you are ever at a store, and have a little extra cash stop and look for any clearance items for the patients to use, you have no idea how important those precious outfits are to the families in the years to come!

Have a great  week!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wasted time....

So I FiNaLlY got in to see the Endocrinologist (thyroid specialist) I drove 45 minutes to get to her office, I spent $30.00 for a co-pay, I sat there and filled out a 15 page packet, then was called back to the exam room to wait. The Dr. came in promptly, however she never picked up my 15 page packet of symptoms, and family history etc. She sat down with her laptop and typed away and asked me a few questions.....

I've decided I'm not a fan of the new way offices computer chart, and now I know how some patients must feel when they are trying to give birth and someone is clicking away next to them.. That is the #1 reason I NEVER chart at the bedside, I think it is the rudest thing! I digress, back to my story.....

So she says "Everything looks good, your dr. is on the right track. She is managing your care nicely".......

SO, I say "what about the labs, the nodules, the constant weight gain, fatigue, heart palpitations, excessive thirst, so on and so on. She said that with my thyroid medication is starting to work, however I will have to work hard at my weight loss etc.

She finally got up and touched my thyroid and said "Oh yes, there is something noticable sitting here on your thyroid, maybe we do need a scan." I was thinking "No kidding?"

So then she discussed a few labs she wants me to do. I have to do a 2 hour glucose test tomorrow morning BBBBLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, anyone who has had a baby knows how disgusting that is! So after palpation of my thyroid she ordered another batch of tests and wants to see me next week!

What I did!

Ok so here it was I did, I sent an email on facebook because I thought that was a safe bet. I stated the following:

"I saw on (insert mutual friends name here) site that Hana was sick with myocarditis. You and (fiance name here) must be sick with worry, please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this time."

I've heard nothing in return, which is fine, I don't need a reply or any accolades from him.

However what I do need is prayers for their daughter, she was diagned with Giant Cell Myocarditis and is on the list for a heart. So please add Hana to your prayer list.

Thanks for your prayers and for your advice, I feel so much better about sending the note!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Curly Hair

So not very many of you know that I have naturally curly hair! I’ve spent the greater part of my life fighting the battle of my curly hair!! For the past 17 years I have dried it straight! I can count on 2 hands how often I have worn it curly in the past 17 years.

Well, one day I was watching Regis and Kelly and they showed a woman with curly hair like mine and she got a haircut by a lady named Ouidad, well she had an entire product line out. Well I spent the past 2 months researching the product, customer reviews, and debating back and forth if I was going to do it or not….

Today was the day, I was sick to my stomach driving to the ONLY salon in Arizona that does this special haircut and style, I sat there in the waiting area texting my bestie,  that I was shaking like a leaf, worried…. Then they made me feel completely at ease, and 2 hours later this is my result!

Gorgeous curly hair, it looks like individual ribbons of curl! It is very very soft as well, it isn't a crunchy wet look! The best part about my 2 hour appointment, everything Alberto did to my hair, he had me do it myself, down to showing him the diffusing with with blow dryer, that is why it took 2 hours to cut and style it.
In true life it will take about 15 minutes for me to style it! Before it took 2 hours to do it!!! AND I could never swim at a party with others, there was no quick shower in the middle of the day, etc.. Once I dried my hair straight, I was paranoid about getting it wet!

Well those days are over!!! Yes, every now and again I will still wear it straight......
(This isn’t the best picture as I have no make up on, but tomorrow before my “meeting” I will take some pictures)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

a moment of uncertainty….

Remember a long time ago when I posted this link:  The DJ

Well through mutual friends I stumbled upon information that I am not sure what to do with….

You see, The DJ’s fiancé has a daughter, and she is gravely ill. She is so sick, that as I read about her illness and her treatment, I as a nurse knew the prognosis is grim, it’s really heart wrenching.

I have no idea what to do with this information. You see as I stated in that previous post, he and I saw each other through, life, death, cancer of a loved one, weddings, divorces, etc….. That’s what happens when your friends with someone for over 13 years… So now, I feel lost, do I send him an email telling him how sorry I am and that I am praying for them, or do I do nothing?