Friday, December 20, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another family vacation

In October we took a family vacation to San Diego. We went and stayed on the Marine Corps base with uncle Zack. We went and toured many ships and planes Lane and Cory of course were in heaven. Mama on the other hand was a little claustrophobic on some parts of the ship. We went and ate at Rubys on the pier which is a famous landmark in San Diego. We went to the farmers market and just spent a lot of time walking around outside. We are definitely in love with California and would love for that to be in our long-term goals of some place to live.

We went and played on the beach Lane loves the beach, he had a great time playing in the sand despite it being cold that day. We ate a lot of seafood at a few different seafood markets there in town which were delicious. We were going to take the baby to Legoland but he's a little too short for some of the rides. When we return to San Diego in March perhaps he will be tall enough to go to Legoland then. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Colonoscopy Preparation

Disclaimer: This is a play by play of my experience using Movi Prep bowel prep. For others who might need tips with their colonoscopy prep. Don't read it if your grossed out easily...     


I started my clears this morning with lemonade I wasn't too hungry so I was feeling ok. My blood sugar dropped and I felt symptomatic so I made another tall glass of lemonade. This time I mixed in a dose of Miralax because I wanted to soften up any stool that I did have.

Around 12 I made Mrs. grass chicken noodle soup minus the noodles. It was good and filling and I had more water with that. Around 130 I was getting ravenously hungry so I had 2 containers of jello. I opted to nap with my son so that I wouldn't think about being hungry. We woke around 3 and I made another lemonade. We ran to the grocery store with my mom so I could buy more clears.

I found Italian Ice, Popsicles,  golden mushroom soup (not the creamed kind), French onion soup, powerade, and Werthers originals. I got a few other hard candies!!

At 5pm I poured my first glass of 8oz. I had prepared it this morning and had it in the refrigerator so it would be cold. I drank it with a straw and had another class of cold powerade ready to sip right after. It wasn't horrible. It was cold, salty and lemony. It reminded me of a bad alcohol drink. I was able to get it almost drank when I needed to add ice to cool it down again. It is MUCH better cold!!! 

15 minutes later I had to drink my next 8oz. This time I felt full so I just opted to drink it fast in the glass with the straw and then finish with Powearde. I sucked a Worthers original after to get the after taste out of my mouth.

Still no bowel movement but boy is my bladder full!!!

530 I pretty much dreaded glass 3, I felt so bloated!!! I took my glass with I and a straw and stared at a picture of my son and slammed it again. I needed a focal point, some motivation. 

535 I was in the bathroom to empty my bladder and I had my first bought of diarrhea. 

Ugh round number four it's not the best but mind over matter it's the last one... This time I had to take it to the bathroom with me because of the urgency to go! 


6pm everything has been downed, Bleh, I probably won't ever drink blue powerad again!! My stool is mostly water and still a little discolored.

I made the golden mushroom soup and couldn't eat it, it was so gross!! I didn't even bother with the other clear liquid diet items I had bought. 

 We were headed to bed so I had a few more trips to the bathroom. By 7pm everything was clear with just a slight blue tint lol. Alarm set for 415am.... 

I took a Benederyl to help me sleep because I knew I would wake up with hunger pains...

I am glad I had read on another blog to buy flushable wipes and use desitin, by bed time my bum was sore!! 

Colonoscopy day:

415am alarm goes off, I go pour my drink, I spent about 15 minutes staring at it.. NO one wants to drink that first thing in the morning. I have a bm it's mostly clear. I make the executive decision to drink just 8 oz. of the drink. I drink it and I wait..... 445 I decide to lay down, just as I get comfortable with my pillows and snuggling my son, the urgency of the bathroom arises!! I go have a watery stool again, this time it is yellow like stomach bile, which makes sense as I haven't eaten since the night before. I have a 2 more bowel movements and am able to go back to sleep for a few hours.

After my colonoscopy my Doctor showed me images of my colon he told me I did an excellent job cleaning out my colon. :) I suppose that's a compliment?? Lol

All in all it wasn't bad and yes I will opt to do Moviprep again in 5 years!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lane turns 2!

My sweet adventurous smart boy turned 2 this year!!


Of course we had 2 celebrations. The day of his actual birthday Minnie, Nie Nie and I took him to the children's museum to play! Then his Sito and NoNo met us for lunch. He went home and took a nap and then we had our family party at the house we had his favorite meal which is spaghetti and we had cupcakes for dessert that he picked out!! He got so many presents from his Nie Nie and No No, DD and G, Sito and Tata, and Minnie and Becca that Corey and I decided to put the presents we bought for him away until Christmas!! 
Then on Saturday we went to Jump Street, He is really into jumping on the trampoline right now… Our entire your family was there and then Lexi and Robbie came  with their mom and dad and Sofia and Joquin came with their mom and dad. After we jumped we went to my parents house and pizza and salad his other favorite meal!! We had a gorgeous Toy Story Birthday cake. Lane has really been into Toy Story ever since we went to Disneyland!! 


We watched Toy Story and played and open presents, he had a wonderful birthday!!!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Disneyland 2013

We took Lane to Disneyland for his 2nd birthday!!  He had the best time ever!!!! It was Cory's first time going as well, we had such a great time!! We had the best family vacation, it was a fun week!! 

All of my family went with us except for Bethany because she was working on her PhD in Indonesia. We were really said she wasn't able to make it, but with her and Zack relocating to San Diego we figured there will be plenty of opportunities to take another trip there soon

My mom and dad drove up a few days before they went to San Diego and spent some time vacationing along the way. Minnie, Dee Dee, and G Flew up on Wednesday and met in Anaheim and left on Saturday. Nono was lucky and he got to drive with Lane, Cory and I! Nono and Lane had run of the back seat and that meant they could watch Toy Story and Mickey Mouse and eat all the yummy snacks I had packed, and take all the naps the wanted!! 

Once we were all in California together and settled into our rooms we were off! Some of us went to Downtown Disney to do our shopping and to have an early dinner and the others went to ride the adult rides at California Adventure.

The next few days we were up and at them bright and early hitting the parks right when the gates opened Lane loved the rides and meeting the characters! We did character dining one night which was  well worth it, he had a lot of fun!! 

We spent some time visiting with my best friend Melissa and Kevin and her boys at her house. We ate at some great restaurants! Lane had a WONDERFUL birthday celebration, in fact we all had a great summer vacation!!! 

We've already planned our next summers vacation all of us together this time Bethany WILL be with us !!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Salon Haircut

After cutting Lanes hair myself all 21 Months of his life I decided it was time to take him to a real salon. This actually was technically his 10th haircut ever maybe that's why he did so good at the salon because he's so used to getting his haircut at home by me. He did great with his first real haircut, The place was a lot of fun he got to sit in that fun car and he had Mickey Mouse Playhouse playing in front of him. I let him keep his bink in his mouth I know it looks kind of silly but I thought that way he was soothing himself in case he did get scared. His final picture we took does look silly because his hair was going forward so she can make sure that it was even. When it is styled he still has his curls that look adorable.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family Staycation!

Our family is on a mini ”staycation”. Cory took time off this week so we could have family fun! Since our trip to Disneyland is a few weeks away, we decided we needed a little staycation, in the mean time.

Today Cory got to help in swim lessons! Then we went out to lunch and to the Az. Science Center. We had so much fun today! The museum is all hands on so even Lane had fun. We actually bought a family membership a weeks ago so we will be visitng more often!

Lane, daddy and I had a great day and can't wait for the next few days!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

19 months!!

This kiddo is growing by leaps and bounds!!

His vocabulary took off at 18 months! Our meager list of 50+ words we can't even keep up with now because he says pretty much everything he wants now. Last night I turned off the TV and he whined and said ”I want to see it” Cory and I laughed because he had been asleep.

He, has a knack for food words of course, it's that chef in him, our favs are making him say sausage, peanut butter, and french fries.

He is definitely starting to look more like a little boy and not so babyish. I also am having to cut his hair more often!! It is starting to grow like a weed, I used to do it every few months now it's every few weeks!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

18 months!!

This big boy is 18 months old already! He is 31 inches tall and 25 pounds! He says 50 single words and a dozen double and triple words. Some of my favorites; ” Let me see” ”Who is it” ”Bye, see ya”.

He definitely keeps us on our toes. I had started working with him on identifying when he goes potty in his diaper. He is hilarious now and seems very startled grabbing at his diaper saying ”oh no, poop diaper” and runs to find a diaper.

We also started teaching him how to count so now when we are hanging out he points out 1 and 2 of everything to me!

Now that it is starting to warm up we are going to start swimming lessons again. He stills loves the water very much!

We are planning our trip to California for the summer, we are going to take him to Disneyland for his 2nd birthday!! Of course the entire Elias family is coming with, it will be a great birthday/summer vacation!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sad heart tonight

Tonight I am far away from my baby, states away... Cory and I are in Oklahoma again for court. Our alarm will go off in 4 hours, I have tried and tried to sleep I just can't  without my little one..

I'm heart broken that issues that occur with my husband and his ex affect my innocent child. Little Lane shouldn't have to go a few days without his mommy and daddy.

I used to pray for the best interest of the children... I learned the hard way it doesn't matter how much you love, or how well you care for them.. Now my prayer going into this battle is a prayer for peace for our baby Lane that he be ok while we are gone, mommy and daddy can take the punches as long as our  little guy is ok.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My little chef!!

This little guy LOVES to cook!!! So much so his Sito and Tata bought him a kitchenette for their house. He loves it and is always using it cooking up a storm. He is so cute because he has learned so much from just watching us around the kitchen. He will blow on the spoon before tasting his food, he will stop and wash his hands, he knows that cupcakes go into the oven.

He is 17 months in this picture and has been into cooking since around his birthday when his aunt DD bought him a cooking pot, shortly after his auntie Mindy bought him pretend food and he has been hooked ever since!!