Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Disneyland 2013

We took Lane to Disneyland for his 2nd birthday!!  He had the best time ever!!!! It was Cory's first time going as well, we had such a great time!! We had the best family vacation, it was a fun week!! 

All of my family went with us except for Bethany because she was working on her PhD in Indonesia. We were really said she wasn't able to make it, but with her and Zack relocating to San Diego we figured there will be plenty of opportunities to take another trip there soon

My mom and dad drove up a few days before they went to San Diego and spent some time vacationing along the way. Minnie, Dee Dee, and G Flew up on Wednesday and met in Anaheim and left on Saturday. Nono was lucky and he got to drive with Lane, Cory and I! Nono and Lane had run of the back seat and that meant they could watch Toy Story and Mickey Mouse and eat all the yummy snacks I had packed, and take all the naps the wanted!! 

Once we were all in California together and settled into our rooms we were off! Some of us went to Downtown Disney to do our shopping and to have an early dinner and the others went to ride the adult rides at California Adventure.

The next few days we were up and at them bright and early hitting the parks right when the gates opened Lane loved the rides and meeting the characters! We did character dining one night which was  well worth it, he had a lot of fun!! 

We spent some time visiting with my best friend Melissa and Kevin and her boys at her house. We ate at some great restaurants! Lane had a WONDERFUL birthday celebration, in fact we all had a great summer vacation!!! 

We've already planned our next summers vacation all of us together this time Bethany WILL be with us !!!!