Friday, June 17, 2011

27 weeks

Just a little over  27 weeks.... I go in for weekly visit to the doctor. Thank God I have such a great group I see. My blood pressure was high on my visit this week, my labs were normal, now we are waiting for my 24 hour urine results. We are monitoring pressures at home.... I used to be a 110/60 type of gal, well I have been looking at 160-170/90's... Crazy scary! I lay here and think of every scenario possible with blood pressure problems... MY greatest concern is delivering him early, because I am already on short term disability, if he comes early, I will have to return to work within 6 weeks, and I can't bear the thought of leaving my baby in the NICU, and or not being able to take time off work when he is finally released!!

So then I get the call yesterday from my dear doctor, she was calling to inform me I failed my 1 hour glucose test! So we have now set me up on home health to monitor my sugars and modify my diet and we will go from there.

So yup that's this pregnancy in a nut shell, Zofran pump, 4 medications 3 times a day to keep food down, IV home fluids, blood sugar monitoring and now blood pressure monitoring.... 

In my wildest dreams I never would have guessed this could all happen to one person... I will not complain though, I will endure anything I have to in order to keep this little baby safe inside my body, 13 more weeks is nothing, we've made it this far!!! 

Please continue to pray for my sweet baby Lane!!! Thank you :)