Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I've learned so much...

This entire pregnancy, labor and delivery and post partum period has taught me so very much as a person, mother and nurse.

  • I used to have patients come into triage and need medication because they were nauseated, yet they were eating or sitting up talking away or acting pleasant. Well with my hyperemesis I have learned that yes you can be nauseated and still be pleasant, after you live with it long enough you learn to tough it out and deal with it.
  • I learned that when someone says they are going to bottle feed because "they couldn't breast feed their first child... BELIEVE them...
  • People truly can have a "low supply"
  • Babys can have trouble latching even months after birth
  • No matter how bad a patient may WANT to breast feed it just may not be possible

(All this and only 2 months in, I'm sure I will learn soooo much more that will help me be a better nurse to my patients)

One more thing...

I completely forgot something very important about my birth story!!!

Something I had feared while being pregnant was going into labor and having curly hair!! YUP of all the things to worry about geez!! Well on Sunday night I took my shower and went to bed with my hair in a wet bun! (side note Incidentally I woke up that morning and told my husband "I just had the best most restful night sleep of my entire pregnancy"...)

Well when my water broke my hair was curly... AHHHHHHH

So my sister Bethany came to triage with her straightener in hand and straightened my hair so I would have straight hair by delivery.

My mom had gone home and gotten my makeup bag and tweezers and I was able to shape my eyebrows and put a little make up on so I didn't look so wretched!!!