Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taking Flight

In December Lane took his first airplane flight to California! Lane did wonderful on the flight, he enjoyed watching the take off and kept telling the plane to zoom faster!! We flew into Ontario and had dinner with Nie Nie, Nono, Cory and I. We then drove on to Big Bear!! It was a very scary drive in the dark (moms afraid of heights) although daddy wasn't too keen on it either!! Lane of course slept like a baby!!


We rented an awesome cabin that the Alexander's referred us to, it was quaint with a kitchen and a fireplace! The next day we ventured out to the snow. Much like Lanes passion for the beach he was instantly in love with the snow! We spent time playing in the snow and doing things around town. Big Bear is a fun little community. We went sledding on tubes!!! Lane of course loved it, as he is a daredevil!! He couldn't get enough of it! Mom, on the other hand did one run and well let's just say we will leave that image to Lane and Daddy to just remember (no need to blog that memory for you kiddo)


This was an awesome weeks getaway for our little family!!! We would highly recommend the trip to Big Bear!! We are so fortunate to be bake to creating lasting memories with our son! We are so blessed! 

Like father like son!!

Lane is a sports nut!! He loves all sports just like his daddy!! We went to the baseball experience, this little boy loves to hit the ball, run the bases and throw the ball! 

Just a few more months until he is 3 and daddy will have him in a few sports!!

 And here they are on the drive home!!! Such boys, just exhausted after their fun day, they even sleep a like!!! We are so blessed!!!!