Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Guess Who?

Is awake again at 0400? Umm yup that would be me! So now I have been up since Sunday morning at 0800, but I took a nap on Sunday from 12-2. Any how I was seconds from dosing off and the phone rang and now I'm wide awake.. I might not fair so well in class today LOL

Monday, September 29, 2008


: prolonged and usually abnormal inability to obtain adequate sleep


It is almost 0200 and I have the alarm set for 0500 because I have to get up for the AWHONN training tomorrow, I have tried to sleep since 0000, and I can't ahhhhhh.

I called Kris D. at work to ask her what I should do because she is a mom and lately has a lot of the answers I have been looking for, but she is in her patients room! This Sucks!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Being Sick

Since Wednesday I have been sick, on the brink of death at some moments..... Ok well maybe not really.... But it seemed like it, I have had the headache from hell, nauseous occasional vomiting, occasional low grade fever and  a back and neck ache. So on Friday night I was laying in bed unable to sleep and I finally decided to get up and go to the pharmacy. I drove over an hour looking for a pharmacy out here! I finally found one, went in and bought ibuprofen, those hot packs that tape to your neck, and thermometer, Tylenol and a juice..  I medicated in the parking lot and drove home, puked when I got home and went to bed LOL...

I literally slept for almost 5 days straight! Sorta crummy... I mustered up the strength to go to the ASU game, with the guarantee my mom would pick me up if I needed to leave... I toughed it out through 3 quarters and then I left.

Sunday I went to dinner at my parents house and then went to see Kris, she literally lives a few streets from my parents house, so it's nice.. It was great to sit there and visit and not be cooped up in my bedroom. Later that night I met Grill Will at Denny's to sit and chat, and went home and went to sleep...

I know, nothing too exciting on the home front....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Items

The previous 2 nights at work kicked my butt, so I came home from work yesterday and had to finish emptying the condo and didn't get to sleep until 10am. I slept until 5p and then fell back asleep until 9p.

Grill Will had wanted to get together and I was still so very tired and just felt crummy so we met at the In and Out Burger and had some food and then I went back home and tried to sleep however, I was up almost every hour and now it is 6a and I am wide awake blogging lol.. I had a nice long talk with Grill Will and we are going to see where things go.


So in the news this week a baby was found in a school trash can. An 8th grader had a child at school and went about her business. Below is the link to the article in case you haven't heard about it. As a LD Nurse I can't figure out how this girl who is 14 was in labor, delivered a baby and her placenta managed her bleeding and went back to class? How exactly is that possible?

Teen mom left baby in school trash can

Has anyone happened to catch the new 90210? I think it is ridiculously lame and I can't watch enough of it! LOL


Holy Toledo!!! I forgot almost the most important thing, when I was leaving last night, There was the BIGGEST frog in American sitting outside of my front door!!!!!!!!!!! This sucks living out here, first lizards and now frogs, what next? When I came home from dinner there was no frog, but a big poop left by the frog!!!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Will came over on Thursday night and brought a picnic blanket and a picnic and we had a picnic on the floor in my family room. It was so so, It was sweet but I was just like umm ok lame... So I sorta gave him a titch of a brush off over the weekend, and now I'm not so sure about it, because I think I kinda miss him.. Not sure..

I have dinner with Officer Matt planned for Sunday, we'll see how that goes, he's very official on the phone, I can't describe it other then he has a ridiculously deep voice lol....

This past Sunday Danielle and I hosted family dinner at our house, I made a recipe from my cook book Kris D. made for me. I made Amish Chicken, it was so delicious and not one morsel of food was left everyone loved it so much.

Later that night I picked up Bethany from the airport and then Jami came over, we had a great time and we had some beverages and cheese and crackers and pretzels and Decoupaged my B.. We had so much fun, we stayed up until 3am working on it!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Where to begin.... Wed. the 3rd was my birthday, I woke up to the house decorated, it was so cute, then I went to my moms with Bethany for Breakfast, we had a great breakfast, I went home and took a nap and met Marianne and Jami at Olive Garden. Then Jami and I went to a few shops, and we painted pottery, something I love to do, we had fun painting. We then went to Applebee's and Bethany met us there for some dinner and drinks.

Thursday, I woke up to a pretty crummy day, I was really tired and had to get up early for a date, and I was washing what I wanted to wear and the washing machine broke, so I threw on a dress that I didn't like too much and went to meet Grill Will for lunch, we went to this small little restaurant in Chandler. He is handsome, and nice. Well spoken, and we had a nice conversation. We met at 1130, and hung out chatting until 130, then we had to both leave.

I went and ran some errands and then went to Benihana's for dinner, it was great, there was 12 of us total there and we had so much fun! I have some amazing friends! We then went to the movies and saw The Rocker, it was ok, nothing great by any means.

Dinner cooking

Jami and I

Mary Jane, Heather and Kris D.

The group, minus the smokers

Preparing to do a Saki Bomb

I did what the dating book says, and I sent an email on Friday morning, saying I enjoyed lunch and would like to have lunch again sometime. He waited until Saturday to contact me and ask me out again. We had our garage sale on Saturday, and got rid of all the big stuff Yahoo!!! Saturday I was sooooo tired, I had only slept 3 hours the night before, so I threw myself together yet again and off we were to the ASU game. We played Stanford, a great game! However it was sweltering hot in the stands I had dried my hair completely straight and by the first quarter it was so wet with sweat, that my hair was curly, by half time, my denim pants were dark blue because of the sweat, so we left and went to a bar to finish the game and eat.

Sunday I tried to sleep in later because I had to work on Sunday night after being off for so long, but no go, I didn't get much sleep, it was hard to be back in the swing of things...

Up until this point, I was having regular phone conversations with Grill Will.. Monday I was on call and I worked half the shift with Kris D. and then we were able to leave by 2 which was nice. I had a date planned for Tuesday so I was happy to get a good night sleep.

Grill Will and I went to Brio last night, we had a nice time and a good dinner. he is a good kisser

We have another date planned for Thursday. I have someone else I have been emailing he is a Police Officer, I will have to think of a clever name for him. He works nights, and he has a great personality, and he was in the Marine Corps. Any one who knows me knows about my soft spot for the USMC boys...

So we'll see... That is where I am with things....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update coming soon....

I have a lot of updating to do, and I will do it tonight after my date. I know I have said if before, but I need to say it again, my sisters are the best in the world, I love those 3 girls and my Mama more then anything in the world, I am so very blessed.. I will write more later, I'm going to Brio on a date hahahahahahah

Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday week!!

The night of my surprise party at work, I got some amazing gifts. Kris D. (wonder mom) made me a blanket, which I absolutely love, and have slept with it every night and have slept so good, she also scrap booked some of her wonderful recipes for me in a really nice book! Jami got me that really cool cup that is pictured below with a B on it, which I have taken everywhere with me, and a super cute magnet which is on my fridge!

Sunday we had a family BBQ/Pool party at my parents, although we never got around to swimming. We had a great time. For birthdays we get to choose our meal, and I wanted Hamburgers and Brats with Sauerkraut! My mom made me a cake, white on white. I wore my Princess hat Jami bought me, and Mindy had brought tiaras for everyone to wear, because we like to do fun silly things for birthdays. I looked like Wonder Woman with my hat on lol.. I know we are a bunch of silly girls.. Hopefully you'll get a good laugh out of the pictures...

Mindy, Danielle, Me, Bethany and Michelle

Mindy, Me, Danielle and Bethany

Me and Michelle

Danielle and Bethany

Mindy, Danielle, Me, and Bethany

Me and my Mom