Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had a wonderful Christmas season!!! Frosty the Elf came and visited Lane for the first time this year! At first Lane was reluctant and said to me "mom you know he isn't real he's a stuffed doll" by the end of Christmas he was totally bought into Frosty!

Now he will tell me he wishes he would return for a visit!!

Something we've done for a few years now as a little family is drive around looking at lights! Lane loves looking at lights at night and we have a lot of fun together the 3 of us on the hunt for bigger and brighter lights! This year we went to a house in Tempe that was hosting a fundraising night for the Boys & Girls Club. It was a lot of fun, Santa was there, lights that danced to music and Lanes Tata was there to experience it with us!

Lane made and decorated cookies with his Sito to leave for Santa! He wore his new Mickey Mouse pj's that his Minnie bought him! Lane slept until 8am on Christmas morning!! 

He had a wonderful Christmas with, fun meaningful toys! We put a limit on gifts this year because we want him to have appreciation for the meaning of the holiday and not just be a "greedy kid" expecting or demanding toys!!

One of his greatest gifts was a book that his NoNo recorded his voice reading it to Lane! Lane loves his books and reads it all the time!

We were blessed this Christmas with all our family together! We are excited for next year , our little Colt will be a fun age for Christmas!!