Monday, February 11, 2013

18 months!!

This big boy is 18 months old already! He is 31 inches tall and 25 pounds! He says 50 single words and a dozen double and triple words. Some of my favorites; ” Let me see” ”Who is it” ”Bye, see ya”.

He definitely keeps us on our toes. I had started working with him on identifying when he goes potty in his diaper. He is hilarious now and seems very startled grabbing at his diaper saying ”oh no, poop diaper” and runs to find a diaper.

We also started teaching him how to count so now when we are hanging out he points out 1 and 2 of everything to me!

Now that it is starting to warm up we are going to start swimming lessons again. He stills loves the water very much!

We are planning our trip to California for the summer, we are going to take him to Disneyland for his 2nd birthday!! Of course the entire Elias family is coming with, it will be a great birthday/summer vacation!