Friday, August 31, 2012

August 1, 2012

Our little one turned 1 this month!!

His wonderful cake and the letters Bethany and I made!

Centerpieces and confetti we made!

On August 1st our little guy turned 1 year old!! That morning he and I had breakfast and then got ready. His Auntie Mindy and his Nina and I went to lunch at Olive Garden. We picked that place because he LOVES spaghetti and breadsticks!!

All the cousins!! So lucky to have cousins so close in age!!

After lunch we went to creative hands pottery place and made imprints of his hands and feet!! It was so much fun we had a great laugh out of that! Then we went home for a nap and after our nap all of the family came over (except Sito and Papa they were in California still). We had a family dinner and he got to dive into his birthday cake! He loved it!! He had so much fun and played and played with his toys from his Nina and Nino.

Party hats we made!
  Then on Saturday the 3rd, we had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse celebration! We had so much fun!! Bethany and I made all the decorations. Papa and Sito came back into town that day and Papa David from Oklahoma came for the party as well!!

Party favors!
Gift table and the banner we made!