Friday, January 25, 2013

Sad heart tonight

Tonight I am far away from my baby, states away... Cory and I are in Oklahoma again for court. Our alarm will go off in 4 hours, I have tried and tried to sleep I just can't  without my little one..

I'm heart broken that issues that occur with my husband and his ex affect my innocent child. Little Lane shouldn't have to go a few days without his mommy and daddy.

I used to pray for the best interest of the children... I learned the hard way it doesn't matter how much you love, or how well you care for them.. Now my prayer going into this battle is a prayer for peace for our baby Lane that he be ok while we are gone, mommy and daddy can take the punches as long as our  little guy is ok.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My little chef!!

This little guy LOVES to cook!!! So much so his Sito and Tata bought him a kitchenette for their house. He loves it and is always using it cooking up a storm. He is so cute because he has learned so much from just watching us around the kitchen. He will blow on the spoon before tasting his food, he will stop and wash his hands, he knows that cupcakes go into the oven.

He is 17 months in this picture and has been into cooking since around his birthday when his aunt DD bought him a cooking pot, shortly after his auntie Mindy bought him pretend food and he has been hooked ever since!!