Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7wks 3 days

Well our little sweet pea, I am not able to keep much of anything down at all. My diet consists of sips of Gatorade or Sprite and macaroni and cheese. Before I was pregnant I can honestly say I haven't had macaroni and cheese in well over a year, I used to think of it as a processed, powdery mess! Now, boy do I crave it. I also eat bananas non stop that is another thing I can keep down!!

The other morning we woke up with a scare of some bleeding, I didn't want to call the doctor because I kept thinking, I'm a High Risk Labor Nurse, I should know better..... I kept thinking I know I would tell the patient it was fine. However I finally called, we went in to the office and we got to see you again. Your precious little sac has almost tripled in size, I couldn't believe in a week how big you are. And you looked great, so we were sent home with reassurance that you were a-ok!

It is still so wild to think there is a teeny tiny baby growing inside of me... I used to not believe it, however now with all the sickness and unable to button my pants I believe it all right! I can't want, 33 more weeks, it seems so surreal!!

We are all so excited and love you so much already!!!

Oklahoma and I go round and round on names, I LOVE traditional names,Abigail, Clare, Marie, Elizabeth, Emma, Janie etc. He hates them, this from the man who named his kids "different names" I would love Abigail Clare and we call her Abbie, or for a little boy Grayson, and we can call him Gray. We will see, what we end up with, we have a few months before we have to make it official!! I love the names Maddison, Bailey and Bella however the older I got with no kids, I decided to name my pets those names LOL so, so much for that!!

Oklahoma and I are going on a honeymoon in 2 weeks to Las Vegas, he has never been and I am so excited about showing him around, there is so much sight seeing to do, I hope I am feeling wonderful so I am able to enjoy our trip and the buffets LOL!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Sweet Pea

Yesterday we had our first ultrasound, we were able to see our little sweet peas heart beat and hear it... It was music to our ears!!

It is still so surreal, I can't even wrap my head around the fact there is a baby growing inside of me!!! I have been battling horrible morning/afternoon/night sickness... I have tried seabands, zofran, eating crackers before I get out of bed you name it... I would love any suggestions, I'm willing to try anything!! :) Thanks 

5wks 4 days

Wed. 01/12/2011 7pm

Today when the alarm went off, I rushed to get our oldest in the shower and then back to my bathroom to take a test. Oklahoma was still asleep, as soon as I peed, the blue positive sign lit up, there was no denying it... At first i had a moment of what on earth, no way, especially because I didn't think it would happen so quick.

I called my bestie, she didn't answer. I raised downstairs and called my mom. She was ecstatic!! The kids got off to school and I waited for Oklahoma to wake up. I didn't want to wake him up because I knew he'd be groggy and his reaction wouldn't be what I wanted LOL... I sent a picture to my bestie of the test and she called immediately, she was so very excited! Then he finally came down stairs and I told him "We're pregnant" he said, what, and just looked at me, and I said, yes I took a test today, we are pregnant!! He was excited too!!!

What a very surreal feeling... I don't think it's sunk in all the way yet.

I can't post this post yet until later on down the road...

**This was written on the 12th and posted today, 8 days later

Monday, January 3, 2011

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Collyar

I'm back...

Yes, I admit I have been gone for a long time.. I was busy with life happening.. To recap my last 8 months, I met the love of my life, I got engaged, I moved to Oklahoma, I got a job in Arizona, we decided to pack up and move to Arizona, a week before the wedding we got emergency custody of his 3 kids, we drove all 5 of us, in my car and a uhaul to Arizona. We moved back into my old house, we got married, and now here we are.....

I'm not sure where to begin, I suppose I will tell you about my new additions.

Miss C. is 11, she is a feisty, dare devil, sports playing tomboy. She reminds me of myself at her age.. There were times I forgot I was a girl....

Miss K is 9, she is my dainty little princess with legs up to the throat and hair down to her bum! She is a people pleaser, she reminds me most of my sister Miss D. (the one I've lived with forever)

Mr. W is 5, and he is a boys boy that's for sure, I just adore this little man, and he adores me. I quickly became "mom" to him and he has such a way of winning me over...

I'll let you in on a little secret.... On the 4th of July I was in Oklahoma visiting, and we stopped at a fireworks stand to buy some fireworks, I quickly dialed my mom on the phone and in a panic said "I don't  know the first thing about boys!! He farts and burps and laugh and is dirty and refuses to take baths, I can't do this boy thing!" I was raised in a house of all females (with the exception of my dad) and this boy thing was VERY new to me... My mom gave me some great advice and within a matter of days, that little boy had won my heart open.

Now I am like putty in Mr. W's hands, all he has to do is look at me with his big brown eyes and call me mom and I just melt....