Monday, November 11, 2013

Another family vacation

In October we took a family vacation to San Diego. We went and stayed on the Marine Corps base with uncle Zack. We went and toured many ships and planes Lane and Cory of course were in heaven. Mama on the other hand was a little claustrophobic on some parts of the ship. We went and ate at Rubys on the pier which is a famous landmark in San Diego. We went to the farmers market and just spent a lot of time walking around outside. We are definitely in love with California and would love for that to be in our long-term goals of some place to live.

We went and played on the beach Lane loves the beach, he had a great time playing in the sand despite it being cold that day. We ate a lot of seafood at a few different seafood markets there in town which were delicious. We were going to take the baby to Legoland but he's a little too short for some of the rides. When we return to San Diego in March perhaps he will be tall enough to go to Legoland then.