Friday, July 6, 2012

1st birthday plans!

We are getting ready for his first birthday! He is a fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, well really he LOVES it!! So we are planning a Mickey birthday! Bethany and I have made all the decorations so far! Here is the letters of his name that will go on the cake table!

We got the idea off of Pinterest! We bought cardboard letters from Joanns, and decoupaged them with card stock and then used the Cricut for their hats/ears. It was a very simple project! The banner beneath it you can sorta see hangs on his high chair, it says I AM 1! It was also made with the Cricut! I can't wait for his birthday, we have so many fun things we've made and planned for the party!! Just a few more weeks!!

11 months old!!

11 months old already.. My little preemie is growing up so fast!! He weighs 22 pounds and has 6 teeth already. He loves to crawl all over and will pull himself up and walk pushing his toys!! He is starting to try to climb the gates and the couch!! He swims like a fish and enjoys being in the water as often as possible!! He wont eat any baby food! His favorites are spaghetti, tortellini, tortillas, mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets and his all time favorite is corn on the cob!
He ADORES his brother and sister, they are 3 peas in a pod!! They play so well together and Lane mimics everything they do! Kiley is his second mom and loves to care for him, feed him, put him to sleep, bathe him she is a wonderful help!! Wrangler and Lane are buddies, they play Tonka trucks together and are as boy as boy can be, they are loud and knock things down and build them back up! I love watching my boys together!