Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yup, I post pictures of my pets! Lame I know ;)

Here are the girls on Christmas, can you guess which dog was pouting and not happy? And then there is Ms. Emma Baffert, seriously is she posing in her dress with her hair bow? Of course, anything to show up Bella.

Again, here is Bella pouting on the top of the couch, it's no secret she is not a fan of Ms. Emma Baffert, she just can't keep up with her energy level LOL

Seriously, she is ridiculously cute, because she is a true blue Elias, she LOVES her sleep. Funny, though when I was a kid I used to HATE it when my mom would take her daily nap, even though it was about 20 minutes long, I still would get annoyed, like I wanted her there by my side LOL well, this little pup and her mama's (my sister) can and do sleep all day long sometimes! I just love my sleepy Bells!!

Obey and Trust

My resolutions for the New Year weren't really resolutions; they were lifestyle changes, lifestyle choices. So I have been praying on them for a while now. Well wouldn't you know that one day I was telling my mom "Come time of the wedding, I will have my mind made up and decide what I'm going to do about my career" Within a few days of praying on things, and asking God to guide me. I was pointed in the direction God intended for me. I just love that!

What I have been learning through my new bible study is that sometimes we are called to do things that are uncomfortable, unfamiliar or just plain awkward. Well guess what? Guess who is there to carry you the entire way? Yup, you guessed it! God

Here is a passage from my reflective piece of the bible. I can't get over how every time I do a reading it runs so parallel to my life.... Again, another one of those God moments. I tell you, he has me chuckling all day long now, as I see him ever so present in my life :)

Trust and obey- these two words go together like coffee and cream. Yet every day we face difficult situations that seem to defy simple solutions. As women, myriad difficult choices face us-the right course of care for a sick child, moving from everything familiar for a new opportunity, following God's leading even when the outcome is hazy, even when the right choice frightens us. You may toss and turn for nights without finding peace in your choice. The right choice is often the hard choice, but not always. How do we determine the right choice? Obey the guidance you find in God's Word, earnestly pray and seek trusted counsel, then trust God with the outcome. Will you have it your way or God's way? First trust in God to have your best interest at heart, and then trust him to lead you to the right choice.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The wedding

Is getting closer and closer!!

This weekend the bridesmaids got together to finalize, shoes, hair,makeup and the bachelorette party. Then we did a crafting activity (because you know I love to craft) Well we decided that after the ceremony instead of us running around barefoot at the reception while dancing etc, we would ware flip flops. So each girl got to decorate their flip flops in their own way.. We had a lot of fun.


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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grateful for 2009

I have so many things to be grateful for in 2009:
I have a home 
I have a job
My dearest friends survived a car accident that could have been fatal.
Gabe and Adriana can walk and breathe without assistance.
The baby wasn't in the car with them when the accident occurred.
I have built an amazing friendship this past year with Melissa.
Through a mothers grief  I have formed close friendships.
I have met amazing couples through work that I wouldn’t have ever met before.IMG00087-20091217-1721
A sweet baby was born and named after me in the wake  of them losing a baby last year.
My health has improved!
My brother in law didn’t get deployed.
My brother in law received orders that means my baby sister doesn’t have to leave the state!!
My baby sister got  engaged!
I took some wonderful vacations with my family, memories that will last forever.
I developed a deeper relationship with Christ.
I have transportation
Michelle's dad has beaten a poor cancer prognosis and is doing well
I got to see Dave Matthews 3 times in one year.
My sister opened her brand new million dollar Boys & Girls Club
building going down 024_thumb[2]_thumb[1]
I spent the entire year single and not wrapped in a toxic relationship
I have been smoke free for 6 months
I went back to the basics and stopped spending needless money
I learned how to save money
I developed a good attitude about life and don't allow things to get me down or have a woe is me attitude.
I became a childbirth instructor
I became an NRP instructor
I got a job PRN in Globe
DSC00525My parents are healthy

My sisters are healthy

I got to go on a weekend get away with my older sister and we laughed so hard our sides hurt
I rekindled my friendship with Rebecca
I have been in touch with a lot of people from my youth via facebook
Not getting the flu this season
The drive to Globe, experiencing the leaves turning brilliant colors –the golds, russets, and browns.
That Christ is present in my life
That Christ gave his life for me
That God guides me through my work daily to help families in need
I've made some great friends
I started working out and eating healthy
My freedom
My sister was awarded the top 40 under 40 award
My father was awarded man of the year awardtrip 067_thumb
I got to go on a weekend get away with my older sister and we laughed so hard our sides hurt 

I could go on and on, but  Danielle and I are going to run errands and if she comes down the stairs and sees me still in my pajamas I’ll get scolded LOL……
I can’t wait for this year, my baby sister gets married in 10 weeks, another KRB will be born and it’s another girl!! Perhaps I will have a little niece or nephew this year. I will return to college, I will have a new career endeavor… Stay tuned… Great things to come……