Thursday, May 15, 2014

A nutritional way of life!!

So last week I completed 2 days of cleansing.. No no no it's not a pooping cleanse. It's a cellular cleanse. It was great! I felt amazing afterwards! I didn't long for food, as I was ingesting something every hour on the hour. I actually sat with some family and friends at one of my favorite restaurants the Old Spaghetti Factory. I didn't have any desire to sneak a bit of bread or anything at all. I ordered a glass of ice and I drank my cleanse for that hour. 

By Wed. which was day 8 I took my weight and measurements for the week. I have lost a total of 7 pounds and 16.5 inches total. 

Isagenix has been amazing! I have been feeling so good!! This is a nutritional lifestyle not a diet. What it made me aware of was how crummy I was eating, all the toxins I was putting in my body! I used to feel / think I "HAD" to have my coffee and my teas.. Well I don't! I have done just fine cleansing my body of them and I don't have any cravings at all.

Now I'm not saying that I won't have a cup of coffee, because sure if I'm somewhere and want it I will have it! Isagenix is about a nutritional lifestyle. It allows for you to eat something if you want it, without being penalized... 

So now I am at day 9 and no headaches, no stomachaches, nausea, cramping, dumping syndrome, bloating or gas!! I also realized that I haven't had to take my naproxen 2 times a day for joint pain from my RA...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Only looking up from here!!

Cleanse days were day 3 and 4 for me. I somewhat was dreading the idea of not eating for 2 days. The truth is it was very easy to do. I was very busy both days so that helped. Day 3 of my cleanse I sat with Cory and Lane inside a Wendy's and didn't even think twice about sneaking a fry. I had no desire to put that food into my body. I had been watching videos and reading up about how healthy Isagenix is for my body. 

Day 4 of my cleanse I sat with a few of my sisters and friends at one of my favorite restaurants the Old Spaghetti Factory. I ordered a glass of ice and had my cleanse. I actually enjoy the taste of the cleanse. I did as a lot of people of FB suggested and premixed my bottles and labeled them and labeled baggies with times for my snacks as well. 

When you've lived with a chronic health condition like Crohn's or IBS, you truly appreciate every day that is a feel good day. Sitting in that restaurant I didn't even think twice about eating off of someone's plate because I didn't want to jeapordize how I had felt the previous few days. 

Mother's Day we had shish kabobs for dinner, I had my 5 ounces of steak and a lot of roasted peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. For dessert mixed berries with a little honey. What I am learning is portion size. It amazes me what I used to think a portion was compared to what I eat now and feel fully satisfied. 

I didn't list off all of my diagnosis in my earlier post but I want to now:
Hypothyroidism- Hashimotos
Rheumatoid Athritis
Arachnoid cyst (cyst in my brain) 

I have a large basket full of medications I take as well as take on an as needed basis. I haven't taken anything for my Crohn's, IBS or migraines since starting Isagenix!!

2 days before starting I had asked my sisters who are also Chron's /IBS sufferers what else I could take because I had already taken Tums, 2 acid pills, 2 zofran, Bentyl, Reglan, drank milk and a lot of water and still was so nauseated with indigestion from eating a SALAD!!!! 

The change in my GI tract so far is amazing. Isagenix is loaded with healthy live enzymes!! Today is day 6 and I feel great and 3 days in a row I wore clothes that had previously been too snug on me!!

Here I am at day 5 of my journey!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Why I started Isagenix

The next 2 days (fri and sat) were to be my cleanse days...

Before talking about that I want to tell you about making the decision. I was invited to a private FB group almost 2 months before and I watched and read peoples stories and progress. I was beginning to get so tired of being "uncomfortable" in my clothes. I had been bitching and moaning to my sister about having to be in her wedding! ONLY because I was so fat and dreaded wearing a bridesmaids dress. My husband and I had been trying for months to have a baby with no luck!! I knew my weight effected my PCOS and in turn effected my ability to get pregnant.   I also started to miss work, so I was losing income as well!!! 

When my friend told me the price of the first 30 days I thought YIKES!!! But then I considered the money lost from missing work sick, the strain on relationships because of my issues with not wanting to be in a bridesmaids dress and I thought of my little Lane Bug!! He needs a healthy fit mama who can and will be physically active with him. 

It also comes with a 100% guarantee that I will be satisfied! I did some math and realized yes I would be shelling out a few hundred but I will be saving a few hundred in no more fast food, Starbucks, junk food and payroll deducting all my food at work!! 

Today is day 4 of my journey and I feel amazing!!! 4 days of no gas, no bloating, no nausea and for me a long time Crohn's sufferer yesterday I had 1 bowel movement  and it was normal!!! I have suffered years and years with multiple daily bouts of diarrhea!! 

My Isagenix journey

After watching the progress of a child hood friend and hearing about her health improvements. I decided to take the plunge and try her nutritional support system she was doing. It's called Isagenix. I started Isa on Wed. May 7, 2014. 

Lee me back up and tell you 3 days prior to starting Isa I had a stomach issues. I'm not sure if it was a Crohn's flair up or a bug. What I do know is I was bloated, gassy and uncomfortable. I started to feel a hair better the night before starting so I opted to eat Hot Wok (my fav Chinese place) since I knew it would be a long time before I would eat it. I went to bed sick to my stomach, bloated, gassy and had diarrhea! I literally couldn't wait to wake up and start my Isa journey! 

Day one was great, I woke up I had my Ionix Supreme. I heated it up like a tea. It was very good. An hour later I had my shake. I mixed 1 scoop vanilla and 1 scoop chocolate. It was very very good. I took my vitamins and was feeling good. 

It was morning snack time and I just had 2 of the Isa snacks. I had the vanilla ones they were good! After my snack I laid down to take my normal morning nap with Lane since I worked that night. Try as I may I couldn't nap!! Normally I ALWAYS nap with him, for the past 2.5 years I've been able to sleep. Not today though! I laid there with a lot of energy! 

Lunch time was another shake, followed by another snack. In between all this I went to sprouts to buy food. For my afternoon snack I had some baby carrots dipped in the wholy guacamole 100 calorie packs of avocado! It was delicious!!

It was time for my afternoon nap with my baby. Again I worked that night so I desperately needed to sleep. I was able to nap for 15 minutes! Usually it would be 1-2 hour nap. 

I got up and prepared dinner and for ready for work. 

I made chicken stir fry. I had a ton of fresh vegetable and 5 oz of chicken. I made couscous for a side and for dessert I has blackberries with honey drizzled on them. 

I couldn't wait to eat dinner once I was at work. I held off until 12am, it was fine I wasn't hungry and I drank a lot of water before then.

My dinner was delicious!! Very filling but most importantly, I didn't have indigestion , gas or bloating after eating!

I also had no coffee, or tea all shift! I think it was my first shift ever not starting with a trip to Starbucks! 

I got off work that morning had a shake and went to bed. I was up on my own by 1pm feeling great! I repeated all the steps on day 2 (Thursday).