Monday, September 16, 2013

Colonoscopy Preparation

Disclaimer: This is a play by play of my experience using Movi Prep bowel prep. For others who might need tips with their colonoscopy prep. Don't read it if your grossed out easily...     


I started my clears this morning with lemonade I wasn't too hungry so I was feeling ok. My blood sugar dropped and I felt symptomatic so I made another tall glass of lemonade. This time I mixed in a dose of Miralax because I wanted to soften up any stool that I did have.

Around 12 I made Mrs. grass chicken noodle soup minus the noodles. It was good and filling and I had more water with that. Around 130 I was getting ravenously hungry so I had 2 containers of jello. I opted to nap with my son so that I wouldn't think about being hungry. We woke around 3 and I made another lemonade. We ran to the grocery store with my mom so I could buy more clears.

I found Italian Ice, Popsicles,  golden mushroom soup (not the creamed kind), French onion soup, powerade, and Werthers originals. I got a few other hard candies!!

At 5pm I poured my first glass of 8oz. I had prepared it this morning and had it in the refrigerator so it would be cold. I drank it with a straw and had another class of cold powerade ready to sip right after. It wasn't horrible. It was cold, salty and lemony. It reminded me of a bad alcohol drink. I was able to get it almost drank when I needed to add ice to cool it down again. It is MUCH better cold!!! 

15 minutes later I had to drink my next 8oz. This time I felt full so I just opted to drink it fast in the glass with the straw and then finish with Powearde. I sucked a Worthers original after to get the after taste out of my mouth.

Still no bowel movement but boy is my bladder full!!!

530 I pretty much dreaded glass 3, I felt so bloated!!! I took my glass with I and a straw and stared at a picture of my son and slammed it again. I needed a focal point, some motivation. 

535 I was in the bathroom to empty my bladder and I had my first bought of diarrhea. 

Ugh round number four it's not the best but mind over matter it's the last one... This time I had to take it to the bathroom with me because of the urgency to go! 


6pm everything has been downed, Bleh, I probably won't ever drink blue powerad again!! My stool is mostly water and still a little discolored.

I made the golden mushroom soup and couldn't eat it, it was so gross!! I didn't even bother with the other clear liquid diet items I had bought. 

 We were headed to bed so I had a few more trips to the bathroom. By 7pm everything was clear with just a slight blue tint lol. Alarm set for 415am.... 

I took a Benederyl to help me sleep because I knew I would wake up with hunger pains...

I am glad I had read on another blog to buy flushable wipes and use desitin, by bed time my bum was sore!! 

Colonoscopy day:

415am alarm goes off, I go pour my drink, I spent about 15 minutes staring at it.. NO one wants to drink that first thing in the morning. I have a bm it's mostly clear. I make the executive decision to drink just 8 oz. of the drink. I drink it and I wait..... 445 I decide to lay down, just as I get comfortable with my pillows and snuggling my son, the urgency of the bathroom arises!! I go have a watery stool again, this time it is yellow like stomach bile, which makes sense as I haven't eaten since the night before. I have a 2 more bowel movements and am able to go back to sleep for a few hours.

After my colonoscopy my Doctor showed me images of my colon he told me I did an excellent job cleaning out my colon. :) I suppose that's a compliment?? Lol

All in all it wasn't bad and yes I will opt to do Moviprep again in 5 years!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lane turns 2!

My sweet adventurous smart boy turned 2 this year!!


Of course we had 2 celebrations. The day of his actual birthday Minnie, Nie Nie and I took him to the children's museum to play! Then his Sito and NoNo met us for lunch. He went home and took a nap and then we had our family party at the house we had his favorite meal which is spaghetti and we had cupcakes for dessert that he picked out!! He got so many presents from his Nie Nie and No No, DD and G, Sito and Tata, and Minnie and Becca that Corey and I decided to put the presents we bought for him away until Christmas!! 
Then on Saturday we went to Jump Street, He is really into jumping on the trampoline right now… Our entire your family was there and then Lexi and Robbie came  with their mom and dad and Sofia and Joquin came with their mom and dad. After we jumped we went to my parents house and pizza and salad his other favorite meal!! We had a gorgeous Toy Story Birthday cake. Lane has really been into Toy Story ever since we went to Disneyland!! 


We watched Toy Story and played and open presents, he had a wonderful birthday!!!