Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back to work

Tonight I go back to work, I am happy to go back and be a part of a families blessed miracle!!

What I am not happy about is the fact that I requested this Saturday off, and it was not granted however other people who didn't request it off, got it off... I have season tickets to the ASU football games, and this year I have already missed 2 games because of my work schedule, I don't think I am asking much to have one night off.... They haven't played at home in 4 weeks, this weekend makes 5 weeks since we have seen our team play at home... No, I'm not bitter...

They aren't even playing good, ahem! I should say, Carpenter is not playing good and he is bringing down the team, however I am still a fan and still bent out of shape that I will not be there!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Great time off

I have been off of work since last Wed. it has been WoNdErFuL!! On Thursday I went to work for 6 hours to "special" a friend of mines daughter, it was a great experience and Destinee delivered in 3 short hours, she was amazing, and her mom (Venus) and Andrea (Michaels mom) were such a big help.


Friday I got to baby sit Joaquin aka Jac Jac, 12 weeks old, what an amazing age, The Cpl and I babysat him from 1p-10p, we had so much fun, we played with him, and fed him and snuggled with him for 9 hours it was a little piece of heaven.

Saturday was a girls day and we had a Move and Booze day, we went and saw Sex Drive, which was completely hilarious, and I am sure the little bit of vodka and lemonade helped ;) That movie is absolutely quotable, and a must see.. They have killer lines like "the one wearing a belt for a mini skirt" Ok, guess you had to be there. Then we went to Kris's house and played Wii and ate dinner and polished off a bottle of wine.


Sunday I woke up and made waffles with blueberry topping, bacon, eggs and hash browns for everyone, what a wonderful breakfast it was!! YaY!! For breakfast it is my favorite meal... Then we lounged all day, I read, and napped and watched some football... We carved pumpkins later that night, Jami came over and brought some cider, and we listened to halloween music on the tv, it was a really good time!


Monday the girls and I met for tea, and a tea house, it was a fun time.


Today so far has been the best day yet from my time off... It started with me waking up feeling good (will discuss in another paragraph) I took the dog to get her nails done and her face cleaned up a bit, and wouldn't you know she by far is the cutest dog I have ever seen?? I just love her so much, and then I met the cleaning lady at the condo, let her in to get to work and started on my shopping venture. My plan is to have the entire house finished before we host the welcome home party for The Cpl. I bought a desk for the office, and everything that we needed for the office, I straightened up the guest room, moved around furniture, put bedding on etc. I bought a coffee table and end table for me "living quarters" The Cpl helped me put things up that needed to be hung. I then went to the condo around 730 and inspected the house cleaning, it looked immaculate, if your in need of house cleaners, just ask me for the info, I was blown away by the sight of the house. I then came home we ate dinner all of us home together, and then I finished my book "Change of Heart" by Jodi Piccoult.

One last side note, so I have been ill for quite some time now, I have been to the doctor, and we have run a zillion tests, well I got the news on Friday that I have Mono AGAIN!!! However it explains so much, my sleeping for almost 3 days straight, the swollen lymph nodes later in the day, the headaches, etc etc etc I could go on and on, I can't believe I didn't suspect it sooner, since this is my 2nd round with it... The good news is, my doc said I am fine to work as long as, I am getting plenty of rest, no kissing patients (LOL), no sharing drinks, food etc. and no contact sports, or accidental mishaps of patients legs spearing me in the abdomen.. ha ha ha... Hooray for a diagnosis finally!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's been awhile...

I suppose I owe a lot of explanations to bring people up to speed on where things are with things.

We had a wonderful 3 days home with the Cpl. he unfortunately had to return to his base to get things settled and get himself checked out. He is coming home in a few days for a month or more to stay with us. This may sound silly, but it was so wonderful to have him home, that sometimes I'd want to sit right next to him and really "feel" his presence, what a blessing to have our sweet sweet boy here with us. He's come back such a changed young man, so far all for the positive, please keep him in your prayers as he takes on the task of managing life not being in a war mindset anymore.

I stopped seeing Grill Will, what I have learned is that sometimes people can look beyond their differences and sometimes their differences can't let them move forward. I don't want to offend anyone, however he was way to liberal and some of the core values that I hold he doesn't, and if this was someone that I was going to date with any intention of a future with, then that wouldn't work for me. What's funny is his 2 biggest complaints about me that he was having trouble getting over: 1. I'm way too organized 2. I hold dinner parties.....

Ummmm all I know is if that is as bad as you can come up with about me, then WOW you should be so lucky!

I've decided to go back to the evening shift. I start on the 30th of November. I can't wait to go back to that shift, I'm excited to have a normal schedule again, I am hoping it will help me to be healthy again. I am a titch uncertain about how it will be with the different group of people... There is a past there that I hope doesn't resurface... I took the "high road" the other day and tried to make things 100% right and clarified a few things, and still things were as I had hoped... We'll see what happens....

I've done SOOO good not talking to the paramedic, and low and behold we ended up in conversation again BlAh! I'm sure every ones stomach is turning as they read that.. But rest assured there is no desire to chum it up or keep in touch, it was a very simple discussion, and I doubt there will be any further discussion again...

Kris D. and I went and saw Nights in Rodanthe on Sunday, it was great... Definitely reignited a little something in my heart about relationships and that joy that can be felt again....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cpl Jenner

He's finally stateside, thank God... It is wonderful having him home and safe....
(I'll post pictures from when we picked him up once I have time)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're going to get our boy!

We leave tomorrow to go pick up Cpl. Jenner! Please pray for him as he is in Kuwait, awaiting to come to the States, if all goes as scheduled we will see him soon!