Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Vacation!!

We had an amazing summer vacation to Flagstaff and then on to Durango, Colorado.

Cory and Lane Bug in Flagstaff.

Breakfast at the condo!

Fishing with Tata!

Horseback riding

Riding the train to Silverton!!

We had an amazing vacation!! It was so relaxing to have almost 2 weeks off of work!!

Here is a post I created in July!!!

My new little baby.... 

You will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. I'm so excited and scared of what this means for us!! I'm praying and so is everyone else that I'm healthy and can carry you to full term.

A few weeks ago I had a fortune cookie that read this: 

Immediately your dad and I thought we should test early. Clearly it was a sign right?!

Well I tested on July 2nd. I looked at it while I finished up in the bathroom. It was negative. I put it back in the box under the sink for trash day... Sometimes your aunties come over and they use my bathroom so I didn't want anyone to see it. 

The next few nights I had dreams of looking at a pregnancy test and it was flashing positive like a neon sign! 

Finally Dd's wedding festivities settled down. We were having everyone to dinner on Sunday the 6th, I decided before dinner to take a test. 

Immediately it was positive. I yelled for Cory. He came in and looked at it. We were both a little shocked. We decided to keep it a secret! I went to throw it in the box, when I looked at the previous test. It was positive!!! I just didn't the 3 minutes to read it!!! 

I had my first appointment on the 8th. 

On the 10th when I knew everyone (my sisters and mom) was on our Facebook chat. I sent this picture:

Everyone was so excited!! First ultra sound is the 23rd!