Saturday, July 30, 2011

34 weeks!!

34 weeks!! Hooray!!

Today we drove to Tucson, because my cousin bought me a 3D/4D ultrasound package. Of course my little breech baby was facing my back so we couldn't get very good pictures... Here are the 3 that turned out.

I have gestational hypertension, still not being diagnosed as pre eclampsia, however this past week I have been symptomatic, spots before my eyes, a large weight gain in a week, high blood pressures and swelling. My 24 hour urine from a few weeks ago came back at 255 the cut off for my doctor is 300. So we will see if it turns into pre eclampsia or not.

I think I already blogged that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which completely explains why this kiddo is sooooo big already!! His last measurements were 4lbs 3 ounces and that was at 31 weeks.As I stated above he is breech, more transverse then breech, but either way that head is not in my pelvis. 

My hyperemesis gravidum, is somewhat controlled, I have more good days then bad, but spend A LOT of time on bedrest because if I'm up and moving I get nauseated and drive heave or vomit, motion completely sets it off!!

All in all we are nearing the end, and we will have this big sweet baby in our arms before we know it, and the past 9 months will have all been worth it!!!