Monday, April 26, 2010

It’s been awhile…. a long while

Well I am not sure where to begin….. I started dating “The Banker” the end of January. He was a very very nice man. We had some great dates. The type of dates that you see on the bachelor! They would start out at a baseball game, then we’d drive to Scottsdale for lunch, then we drove to Tempe Town Lake for a movie, then we went to Old Town Scottsdale and had cocktails…. They were always fun like that. It was hard to read where things were going. He would hug me hello and goodbye but NEVER kissed me. In the early stages I thought that was fine however after awhile I began to wonder, are we just friends that are hanging out on the weekends?

I started to think he just had great morals and values and that he respected me and didn’t want to seem too pushy. Well there was only so much of that I could take!

So his birthday was approaching and if you know anything about the way us girls grew up, birthdays are a HUGE deal in our house, we typically celebrate “birthday week” So I made sure to send “The Banker” messages each day regarding his birthday week. So something along the lines of “this was the number one song in 1977, etc etc” He loved it. We celebrated his birthday on Saturday, April 3rd. I arrived at his home and gave him his gift. I went and picked up those lemon cookies from Paradise Bakery he had mentioned once in email that were his favorite, and I made him a birthday card book. Inside the book was interesting facts about his birthday, as well as 2 options to choose from for his birthday, we could go on the Apache Trail and drive to all the lakes and have lunch or we could go to Dave and Busters and watch the final 4, play games and see a movie. He picked the day trip, we had a nice time we had a great dinner afterwards and went to see a movie and then at the end of the date I got a HUG and I left.

That next morning I was sitting in church and I just laid it all out there before God. I needed a sign, I plead with God, to give me a sign, to lead me to the person I was supposed to be with. After church I went to work. When I was sitting at work my phone chimed, I had mail. An email had arrived from Oklahoma!